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How we started


King's Southern Delight, INC. Established in November 1998 in Mount Vernon, New York. A small takeout southern styled restaurant with a seating capacity of twelve. King's was successful from it's inception. It was the vision of it's proprietors, the late Mrs. Wyndall McGill and her son-in-law, C. Roy Graham to provide quality home cooking for all people. Today we are blessed to be in business for over fifteen years with acquisitions of two restaurants (NY & GA), to God be all glory. Stop by one of our restaurants and you will discover it's "Simply Delicious".


What we do?

King's maintains a goal to deliver excellent customer service along with great cuisine. Our menu offers southern styled food such as BBQ ribs, baked turkey wings, mac and cheese, collards, and yams. Also, we serve breakfast where we have a professional grill cook that whips up breakfast short orders of the guests' desire. All items on our menu are recipes inspired by "grandma's" cooking. Each item is made from scratch and prepared daily, so the quality of our food is noticeably fresh. We deliver. We cater. We serve.


Who we do it for?

King's Southern Delight aims to serve a variety of customers of all cultures and backgrounds. The Southern- styled soul food genre fills an untapped niche in the country's dining market. 

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